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A Push Into Writing

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·Sep 14, 2021·

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A Push Into Writing

I had an amazing time at the technical writing hashnode Bootcamp 2021, it was an insightful one for me as a beginner.

I always had this notion that writing is for a specific kind of people with a born talent to write. Knowing how to write was something I wanted to learn but not knowing how to go about it makes me relent on venturing into it or at least hoping until I gain some level of experience before I start writing. Little did I know that writing can be done by anyone and everyone irrespective of your level of experience.


The hashnode Bootcamp gave me an eye-opener into the world of writing with amazing speakers who gave a lot of insightful key points on how writing should be done.

Main Speaker

I really got a lot of knowledge from the session "Introduction to the technical writing" which was taken by Edidiong Asikpo where give listed out some important skills needed to start writing.

She gave a quote which was "You learn to write by Writing". The only way to master the skill of writing is to be consistent (always keep at it).

“If you can't explain it to a six-year-old, you don't understand it yourself.” ― Albert Einstein You can express your thoughts through writing only when you have understood the concept well enough.

My take-home from her session is to always Read,Write and be Consistent

I look forward to the other sessions of the Bootcamp and am getting ready to skyrocket myself into the writing world

Thank you😊

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