My Tech Journey

My Tech Journey

Technology has never been something I wanted to actively participate in or will I say I was numb to the idea. During my youth service, I was encouraged into programming by a friend in which I took up the challenge just to try something new.

Just to boost my confidence, he further introduced me to a lady who was in the tech field and what was thrilling for me was the fact that she read a totally different course in the university very far from engineering. I was overly overwhelmed at such a switch in career path. I had this notion that technology was specifically made for guys😂, well so I thought but my impression changed afterwards.

Learning Phase

Still, on my nysc assignment, I started up with learning the basics of programming, I found it very interesting and was enthusiastic about diving deeper. Learning was interesting but the application of what I have learnt was a mystery to me.

After my nysc, it was job hunting time. Getting a job in the tech industry was not in the picture due to the fact I have no prior experience and a novice can’t get a job in the almighty tech industry lol. I decided to keep learning besides getting a job to keep myself going.

While still searching for a job,I got into a coding Academy where graduates from any discipline were taught programming with zero knowledge of coding experience. I was gleeful on seeing a platform like this so I went through the registration process and sent in my resume just to try my luck.I got accepted into the Academy after taking a logical assessment test, going through an online interview and a 1-week intensive boot camp which offered me further training in software engineering.

The academy was very challenging and also intense with hands-on practical projects which sharpened my little programming skill. it was a life-changing experience on my new career path. It gave me a broader scope about software engineering, learnt a new skill set and more importantly, consistency was a very important keyword that I needed to skyrocket my journey as an amateur into the tech world. Currently, I took a path in mobile development after the 4-months intensive training, It has been an interesting journey so far learning continues and more grounds to conquer. Much thanks to Enyata Academy for a learning platform and also the right application of what was learnt. It was an exciting experience and a spectacular switch from zoology to software engineering.